Waiting is difficult. This time of preparation will really test my faith as I am unsure about what the future holds. There aren’t many details nailed out just yet. I don’t know when exactly I will be heading down to Guatemala. I don’t know what exactly will be my placement once I arrive in Guatemala. I don’t know where my funding is going to come from. I don’t know how to be present where I am at while my mind is a couple thousand miles south of here. I am excited to say that I am planning on attending a new staff orientation in early January at the office in Visalia, CA where I hope to receive many (tentative) answers. That is the big excitement I have on the horizon for now.

As for the long and painful process of fundraising: I am trying to adopt a Godly perspective on this endeavor. It comes in alternating waves of fear that this will never happen and confidence that God is equipping me for these works. I am humbled by the fact that I am being supported as a servant of the Lord, through His gracious provision, manifested in the charity of others. I know that when my supporters choose to send me money, there is a vertical exchange taking place in the process. The money that is given as an offering to God is being invested in me for His service. It is all His money and we are merely the vehicles through which it is passed around. Just as the church receives offerings that have been offered up to God for the development of His kingdom, I am learning to be an ambassador of these offerings offered for international ministries.

Different people have asked me exactly how they begin the process of supporting me monthly. It’s simple. Fill out the response card that I have sent and send it to the office in Visalia. Although this is not being sent directly to me, it will be recorded in my account and lined up for my (future) monthly salaries. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or the office in Visalia. If you have considered supporting me monthly but just haven’t acted on your desire yet, I want to encourage you to take action! I can not begin my ministry until I am funded and time is quickly slipping away. I plan to be in Guatemala within the next 5-9 months! And if everyone assumes someone else is taking care of it, it won’t get taken care of at all. If you haven’t yet considered supporting me monthly, I would also like to encourage you to pray about it. I know it probably seems like a huge commitment, but it doesn’t have to be. Even just $10 a month from a large number of people adds up! How are you spending your money and are there simple sacrifices you could make to squeeze out a spare $10 a month? Skip the evening out at a restaurant once a month. Choose not to rent a movie once a month. If this ministry with the marginalized in Guatemala and the North American students who are exposed to it for the first time is not something you believe in or want to support, then don’t send me your money. This is your choice, between you and God. But I thank you for prayerfully considering it.

You can always find more information about ministry details, how I got started with the organization of Students International, and different ways you can pray for us on my blog. There is also a tab with information on how to support me monthly. But again, all you have to do is fill out the response card and send it to:

Students International

P.O. Box 2733

Visalia, CA 93279-2733

Once again, I am so thankful to have all of you in my life. You have all blessed me more than you could know.




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