Christmas Affirmation

Along with the Christmas season come a lot of great opportunities to serve. I have really enjoyed the places I have volunteered this year, especially because I have been able to use my Spanish!

For the past five years, our church has done a program that we call “Imagine.” For the 4 weeks leading up to Imagine, our church donates hundreds of coats, toys, and food boxes. Then (on Saturday the 18th this year) we host a distribution day. In past years, people who are struggling financially have lined up outside to get their gifts. This year we let them wait inside the church so that they wouldn’t have to freeze outside. So we had a couple-hundred-person slumber party at our church Friday night. Then on Saturday morning the people are allowed to file through the receiving line based on the number that they were given when they arrived. A member from the church walks them through and gets to know them and their needs as they help them pick up their gifts. They are allowed to get a box full of food and a meat certificate, a coat for each person in their family, and a toy for each kid. (Along with gift wrapping!)

ANYWAYS, my job was to walk through the receiving line with Spanish speakers and translate for the church member they were paired with. It was so awesome to get to know so many Spanish speakers and to find out what their needs are and how our church can help meet those needs. It is such a blessing to me to be able to serve in this way!

During the event, a diabetic Hispanic lady had a sugar problem and started getting dizzy and needed help. So I got to translate for a doctor that came to her aid! I felt like I was right back in the clinic in Guatemala! I can’t wait to make this kind of thing my full time job in Guatemala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what I love to do!

There is a lot of talk about starting some Spanish ministries at my church here in town that I am looking forward to getting involved with in the new year until I return to Guatemala.

This evening I helped with the Salvation Army with a kind of similar charity situation. I was at a station that handed out books to families. They were mostly English speaking but we got at least 20 through that spoke Spanish only. I LOVE HELPING IN THIS WAY!!! I helped them pick out books for their kids based on their kids’ reading level. (We had Spanish and English books)

In the ways that I have served this Christmas, my calling has been reaffirmed to me to serve full time in a Spanish setting. I know this is where God has called me to serve and I am SO excited to get to do this full time in Guatemala! I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but if you are interested in supporting me financially in this ministry, please don’t put it off! I am wanting to get down to Guatemala as soon as I get all of my support raised. If I am to make it down this spring (as is my goal) I need to be fully funded soon!

Some practical ways of making this happen are especially available during the Christmas season. Rather than spending money on the frivolous Christmas gifts where it’s the thought that counts, you could put that money towards a monthly donation. You could make a donation in honor of a different person each month. That would allow even more people to participate in this ministry. Do you know anyone that would get excited about or feel blessed by a donation to an international ministry? I bet that would be a much more meaningful gift than another fruit basket or chocolate/nut mix.

I want to wish you all a merry Christmas! I don’t just say this as a nice ending to a blog, but I truly, honestly mean this with all my heart: You are all such a blessing to me, more than you could know! I greatly appreciate all of your prayers and support as I head to the mission field full time! Merry Christmas!

love, Britney


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