Fructifying February

It sure is difficult to be stuck at home, marking time and spinning my wheels, when I feel such a strong desire and calling to get back to Guatemala!!! Sometimes I feel like there is no way this is going to work out. I start number crunching, trying to make things work out, and I get discouraged. There is just no humanly possible way that this will work out! But then I get a reminder of God’s faithfulness and His presence in this situation. It is SOOO encouraging to me when people make even a humble financial commitment. God is going to take that money and do some amazing things with that faithful gift!

First trip to Guatemala, working with Carlos and Telma in the art school

I was blessed with the opportunity to chat with Carlos on facebook the other day! He is the Guatemalan artist that I will be teaming up with (alongside his wife Telma)  in ministry in Magdalena, Guatemala. These people are so precious to me. I have seen God’s love through them in amazing ways as I have interned with them in previous summers. It is so exciting to see their enthusiasm for art and their incredible ministry of teaching the trade to local kids. Some of these Jr High/ elementary school aged kids have significantly increased the income of their family through the selling of their artwork. Carlos is excited to have me join him and Telma full time. We had a nice little conversation of interjections and sound effects (expressed in text) to articulate  our excitement!

MTI Palmer Lake, Colorado

Currently, the biggest news I have is that I am leaving for Mission Training International (MTI) on February 21st. This is a three week training process that SI requires for all of its missionaries heading to the field. I have heard great things about MTI and I am excited to take more steps toward actually heading to Guatemala! I will get training in how to become interwoven into a new culture so that my North American-ness will not interfere with my ministry or cause damage to the people with whom I am interacting. I am very excited to get formal training in this area because I so much value the Guatemalan culture and I want to learn how to sync with it and effectively share the gospel in ways that respect the culture I am in.

It is a little intimidating to be taking some pretty substantial steps toward heading to the field when I still need to raise a lot of monthly support. My current monthly support committed is just shy of $500. When I add up all of the one time gifts and divide it among the 24 months that I am committed to in Guatemala, that puts me at $618/month. The cost for my MTI training in Colorado for three weeks is $1,872. I am paying for that from my own money that I have been making while working part time and living at home. Even though I am not fully funded yet, I am moving ahead full-steam trusting that God will provide in His time.

What a challenging time of growth this is for me as I am learning to be patient and trust that God will provide! I am the kind of person who really wants to be in control of the situation all the time and I am completely humbled by this process of fundraising. God is refining me in ways that are sometime hard to wait through, but I know that it will all be for His glory in the end.

In the meantime, THANK YOU so much to all of you who have chosen to take that step of faith and partner with me in ministry. You are not only blessing me, but you are having an international impact that will bring hope and love to a people group that SI has committed to serve alongside in Guatemala.

If anyone has any ideas of where I can get my remaining $882/month, let me know! 😉


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  1. Mom
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 01:23:57

    I am guessing your conversation of interjections with Carlos was all in Spanish text. Say hi to him from me next time you chat.


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