Final Stages

I can’t believe it is the end of March already! April/May is my goal for moving to Guatemala. That means I am hoping to move in a month or so. I can’t believe it. I made my trip to Greenville this past weekend to visit college friends and professors. I had been planning this trip for so long, and I can’t believe it has passed already! It is so surreal that I am literally in my last stage of preparation for Guatemala. God has been preparing me to move to Guatemala full time in the following ways:

– Making the decision to join Students International as full time staff

– Applying, interviewing, and being accepted for the position

– Initial phases of fundraising

– Visit to the SI office in California to get administrative processes set up

– MTI training in Colorado to prepare myself to live and serve abroad

– Visit to Greenville to meet with financial partners and say some goodbyes

My last tasks to do before I actually move to Guatemala are to:

– Finish fundraising ($500/month to go)

– Pack

– GO!

with some girls in the el Gorion school

This process of preparation has been a humbling experience and I really feel that I have been growing closer to God and learning how to fully rely on Him through this process. My small group Bible study has started Chip Ingram’s study Holy Ambition. It has just really spoken volumes to me in the place that I am in life right now. Chip speaks of a dislocated heart, which he defines as such: “A God-given concern for others that propels us out of our comfort zones. It is a passionate concern for God’s agenda that supersedes our own desires for personal peace and prosperity.” That is right where I am at in life right now. God has placed a burden on my heart for these people that is propelling me out of my comfortable US life and causing me to seek God’s agenda in my life, the lives of our students, and the lives of the Guatemalans. I am ready and willing to go. Here I am Lord, send me.

If you want to listen to this Chip Ingram message, the MP3 downloads are free until April 4th at It is under the Holy Ambition series.

If you are interested in helping me financially to get to Guatemala, now is the time to act! I am completely ready to leave, except for having my funds raised. Please check out my Support Financially page for more info. I have also updated my prayer page with recent requests.


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