I’ve Got a Lot to Say; Imma Say it Fast!!

This past week was one whirlwind of exciting ministry and new experiences! We were blessed to have a one week adult outreach group from California and their ministry with us was uniquely impactful! I am going to attempt to keep it short! (emulating the highly concentrated week, packed full of many exciting things in a very short time)

Brad Arnsberger, one of the SI board members (more affectionately known as Dr. Brad) was attending to patients in the clinic, while nurse Nancy was helping with intake. The clinic was SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED with a large amount of donations that were aggregated together from a couple different supporters and carried down by the adult group. There was such excitement in the clinic as we were unpacking the donations! THANK YOU to everyone who chipped in to help stock our pharmacy!

On Tuesday we visited La Fundación Para El Niño Enfermo Renal at the Roosevelt hospital in Guatemala City. This is an organization that was started by friends of Dra. Sara’s and does amazing research, treatment, and education in the realm of kidney problems. http://www.fundanier.org.gt/ Their facilities and care for the patients was very impressive. It was so great to get to sit down and chat with Dr. Lou, the pediatric nephrologist (who was also one of the esteemed speakers at the medical conference I went to in September) I am very impressed with their vision and passion for the work that they do and look forward to working with them further in the future. After our tour at the hospital, we were able to visit Katherine, the burn victim that we had in the clinic a couple of weeks ago. She is doing great, and recovering well. She is still being held there as she heals to see if a skin graft will be necessary for her chest.

We stopped by a mall to eat our sack lunches and enjoyed some fruit smoothies.

When we returned to Magdalena, Brad, Nancy, and I went to Evelyn’s house to visit with her and encourage her in her Bible reading. It was such a blessed time for all of us! In fact, we lost track of time while we were there and ended up reading the Bible with Evelyn and her son and husband for over two hours! They are all thirsty for truth and wisdom and want to know God more. It was such a blessing for all three of us to pass this exciting time with them! Wednesday in the clinic while I was helping to translate for Dr. Brad, I had the opportunity to minister to a lady by myself. It was my first time to do it this way in the clinic without Dra. Sara. She had a lot of anxiety because she is a single mom and one of her older sons works in a somewhat dangerous environment. I shared Isaiah 54 and Psalm 91 with her. We also had a man in the clinic who had been assaulted with a machete and he had numerous wounds that he had already gotten stitched up. It just breaks my heart that people are living lives where they have formed enemies that would attempt to kill them by repeatedly whacking their head with a machete.

On Thursday we went to the hospital in Chimaltenango to observe surgeries. We also did a tour of this hospital so that they could see the extreme difference in resources. In the afternoon we passed by asilo. One of our patients, Maria Luisa, is really not doing well. It is so hard and so sad when you suffer as you are reaching the end of your life. I was so impressed withNancy’s heart as she was sharing with the patients, especially Maria Luisa. It takes a special kind of person to provide that kind of love. On our last day of sites with the adult outreach, Brad, Nancy and I ended our day of work at the clinic by visiting a lady in El Gorrion who has HIV and was too ashamed to come into the clinic. She has been throwing up blood, so we told her she needs to go to the hospital. I am very anxious to hear more about how she is doing because when we left on Friday, her situation seemed very bleak.

The week flew by and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it, even the difficult parts. God poured out his blessing on the clinic, not just through the medicines we received, but also the patients we saw and the ministry that we were able to participate in. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Melissa Knaak (Who also works in the SI office in California) and her son Ryland had their own unique ministry!

Marcos’ education site did a VBS for the kids, including Bible story skits… Can you guess who played the part of Goliath?

The women did a special sewing class to teach people how to sew as a trade. They also helped make surgical hats and boots for us to use when we go to the hospital for surgeries so that we don’t have to buy disposable ones.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pei-Wei, former colleague.
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 19:27:47

    Unrelated to your update but I remembered you were going home for a while. Remember your reentry training and be prepared. I totally forgot to do that with my Mom and she had the roughest time.


  2. Maurine
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 22:58:31

    I didn’t know about the sewing class making the surgical hats/booties. What an awesome idea!

    Your zeal for what you’re doing is inspiring, Britney.
    Romans 12: 11-13


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