Last Post of the Year!

Wrapping up 2011. What a great first year I have had serving with Students International in Guatemala. I am looking forward to many more adventures and lives being changed in 2012! Here’s the end of my year here in Guatemala:


I went to a neurology conference in Antigua and really enjoyed learning more about how doctors diagnose and treat different neurological disorders. I was really reflecting on how AWESOME my neurologists are and how grateful I am for them! Then we went to a nutrition (for babies) conference in the city that same day.

Abbey’s here!

My housemate finally arrived in Guatemala on September 15th. Her name is Abbey. We were summer interns together last summer and both made the decision to come down as full time staff around the same time while we were here over the summer. We went to training inColorado together and did the new staff orientation together inVisalia. It is so nice to be together again, here in Guatemala! She will be teaching English in the elementary school inMagdalena when school starts in January.

Abbey and I at the beginning of the year, in Visalia. Now were back together at the end of the year, in Guatemala!


It was sad to say goodbye to the Seattle Pacific students at the end of November, but we were surprised with a huge donation in the clinic! Over $1,500 worth of medical supplies and medicines! God has been providing for us in miraculous ways! We are sooooo thankful to Darin Mather and everyone else involved in providing for the needs in our clinic!

Our SPU students who spent two and a half months with us.

Jornada Medica

I don’t think there is really a word for this in English, but let me explain it to you: We went to Guatemala City on Saturday morning and set up a temporary clinic in the basement of Dra Sara’s church. Then we attended to patients from about 9:00-2:00 at a rapid-fire pace! We saw about 80 patients that morning and gave them the medicine they needed. It wasn’t so much for ministry purposes because we were going through the patients so fast. It was more to meet a need for (free) health care and meds.


It was so fun to share this North American tradition with our staff here inGuatemala! We really did it all out, including almost every aspect of the traditional North American thanksgiving! We had a large feast for about 50 people (all SI staff and family). We did a lot of cooking together all day Wednesday and spent all day Thursday together as well. Although I couldn’t be with my family for Thanksgiving, my new SI family certainly was a great substitute!



A day we have been anticipating and preparing for for a long time finally arrived and we got to celebrate the wedding of Mario and Kara! It was a beautiful bi-cultural wedding with a lot of people, a lot of food, and a lot of love! Congratulations Mario and Kara!


We visited with Evelyn again early one morning before going to the clinic. It was so encouraging to see her hunger for knowing God and the enthusiasm in both her and her son Francisco as we shared with them. But I left her house feeling very sad for her, just praying that God would change her situation and answer her as she is crying out for him now. Her husband hadn’t been home in a long time. We don’t know where he is or if he is ever coming back. Meanwhile, Evelyn is left at home with her son, and with no income. She said she had wanted to open her own salon, but she couldn’t get the place where she wanted to open it because the man said he would only give it to her if she slept with him. One of her old friends who is very involved in witchcraft has been trying to get back in touch with her, and is offering her gifts to try to lure her back into contact with her. Evelyn told us that she doesn’t want to accept anything from her because she knows that she got these gifts and her money from being paid to kill other people (as a hitman). It is seriously like another world to me. I can’t imagine that these things happen in real life, not just in the movies. And it is happening so close to home. Please continue to lift up Evelyn and Francisco in your prayers!


Our young little burn patient is out of the hospital! And she hasn’t had a skin graft yet. We are hoping she won’t need one!


All of the SI Guatemala staff will be going on a staff retreat this coming week where we will have time of spiritual development and time to relax and rejuvenate after our amazing year of ministry! I am so happy to be part of the SI family and to get to spend this time with some really amazing people whom I love and admire. Then, on December 20th, I will be flying to the states for two weeks! I can’t believe this year is already over and I have been in Guatemala for nearly 7 months! Glory to God! And thanks to all of my supporters for making this ministry possible!

2011 Working in Guatemala…. in Pictures…

Working with an amazing doctor and now great friend

Sincerely loving my patients

Observing and participating in countless surgeries

Becoming familiar with and comfortable working in the NICU

Friendship with Paqui

Running buddies!

Lives of students being changed

It has been a blessing for me to get to work with and learn from Maurine. This is a picture of her from our first group of the summer back in May. Maurine is whispering in the ear of  Maria Luisa in the asilo. Maria Luisa passed away this past week.  I pray that she is now resting in peace in the presence of God.

Thank you for making this journey with me. I am so blessed to be living and serving here.


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