Bearing Fruit

I wanted to tell you guys about a woman in our discipleship group who has been so inspirational and is just a shining light as a testimony of God’s redemptive work. I am so encouraged by her enthusiasm and thirst for the Lord and I love seeing her faith grow in leaps and bounds! Her name is Flori and she lives with her husband and three daughters just behind the community center outside of El Gorrión. Flori was our first patient to accept Christ in the clinic, actually before I arrived in Guatemala. She has stepped up to be a leader in our women’s group, constantly encouraging the other ladies and challenging them in their walk. I was talking with her the other day and she just kept going on and on about how much God has blessed her despite the problems she’s had with her husband. She continues to pray for unity in her home and that God would touch her husband’s heart. She has recently participated in our baking classes for women at the center and she was telling me all about how God has just been blessing her business selling cakes! She was beaming! She is such a hard worker and I think a great example for so many women here who are struggling with similar problems as she is.

She has recently been volunteering for us, helping us out in the clinic by preparing the Incaparina that we serve to our patients. Again, this is a warm, vitamin-rich drink that we give our patients because many of them have been waiting in line for a number since very early in the morning and have not eaten anything all day. It is so exciting to have her join our team of three to pray in the morning before we start seeing patients and then to see her get to work serving her own community. And her desire to contribute and help those around her is so humbling. It is easy for us to see ourselves as missionaries to be something special or unique, bringing blessings to the impoverished and lost. But, it is so cool to see one of those people we are serving step up and say “Hey, I can serve too!” The other day she was chatting with us and made sure we knew that if we ever go out on a special medical event, she wants to come with us to help. Little did she know that we are in the final planning stage for a medical outreach to our neighboring town, Buena Vista. Her help couldn’t come at a better time! Whenever I talk with her and thank her for her help, she says “I’m just so happy to be serving the Lord!” What an inspiration! I just can not say enough about how happy I am to see this woman’s faith come to life and give fruit. Praise the Lord!

I’m sure many of you have heard about the volcano eruption only 8 miles from where I live. Things have “simmered” down by now, however 11,000 people were evacuated due to falling ash. No one has been killed, but the ash was blown over some very poor areas, so please keep them in your prayers.



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  1. Connie
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 21:32:46

    Britney., seriously, your blog entries are so encouraging to me. May you feel blessed, and bless those sweet Guatemalans you get to work with each day. Tou are an inspiration. Can’t wait to work with you again this summer!


  2. Maurine
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 09:27:43

    This story of Flori is inspirational! How wonderful! I remember the day she came to the Lord.
    Thanks again for sharing this story… it illustrates beautifully what true mission work should look like.

    I haven’t forgotten you re: finding a time to Skype. I figure you’re terribly busy with SPU students there.

    Wanna aim to Skype on a morning during the week of Oct 15th sometime? If that doesn’t work I could probably do an afternoon say around 5pm your time (4pm for me).



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