Finishing Up

I can’t believe how quickly things are wrapping up here for me! My leave date of May 18th is rapidly approaching and I think it is starting to finally hit me! It is hard to put my thoughts into words; I think I am still trying to sort them out myself.


I’ve grown accustomed to moving around a lot over the past couple of years across extremely diverse cultures. Even in the short trips, my heart’s always been completely open and I’ve fully invested myself into that place at that time, and I’ve suffered a sense of loss when the time came to leave. It’s amazing how a place so foreign can so quickly become home. I am convinced that this is because of the relationships I’ve built and the vulnerability that I’ve shared with many people, engaging in their reality, hearing their stories, feeling their pain, sharing their joy… It truly is incredible how quickly someone can become like family to you when your heart is open. I am so blessed and thankful to have so many amazing friendships in many different countries. And though I haven’t seen some of them in a long time, and may not have any hopes of seeing them again, that doesn’t lessen in any way the intensity with which I love them. They are very special people to me, no matter what amount of time I had shared with them.


I know it’s the same for all of the friends I will soon leave here in Guatemala. I have shared very intimately with many people here and they have easily gained territory in my heart that will always be theirs. I am so thankful for all that they have shared with me and all that they have taught me. They will always be a part of me because of the ways that they have changed who I am.


I have started a new blog for this new phase in life. I will continue to send you the link for my blog unless you request to be removed from my list. Just let me know! No hard feelings, I know not everyone wants to be spammed by my thoughts. The address to my new blog is:



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